Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Hooded Merganser My husband Tim is an incredible photographer! Now that he is retired from his government job he can concentrate more on his passion. Here are just a few samples of his work. He has a new section on his site for his favorite photos of the past year. I have his link listed in my faves you should check out his work here
Lazuli Bunting

Comon Goldeneye

Friday, 26 December 2008

New life for old Medicine Cabinet

I took the mirror out of my cabinet and added a piece of cardboard that I painted with acrylics and light molding paste.

On Holidays!

It is so nice to have a break from work! I have been working in my new canvas journal. I love how the lettering turned out for this Jazz Joint.
This next piece is canvas. I am not sure where this will end up but I like where its going. :)

I don't know if you can read this or not. It is a quote from Shirley Ende Saxe in that I saw in Art and Life. Its a recipe for wishing.
Melt the moon
Stir in Stars
& fold in cerulean night
Spread unto the years
Outside logic & inside Desire
Roll in to Daydreams and Vision
Serve very warm.
Mmmmm doesn't that sound lovely?

This next piece was inspired by Misty Mawn's work. Java is on canvas and has more work to be done on it. I want to add some writing in white and I am not sure what else yet.

More snow pictures, these ones from Christmas day. Our house, the back yard and Keiko.

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Journaling and Snow

I have been using my Russian text book for sketching in. It is fun to just let her rip and doodle and play and then I cut out something if I like it and colour it and glue it in one of my journals. He is inspired by Nico on the Canadian dance show.
Keiko comes into my studio and sits in the chair opposite me and keeps my feet warm. Its been unusually snowy in Victoria, and has been sticking around longer than usual too. I miss riding my bike already. Its been a week since I have been able to ride it and its not looking good for next week either. :(

We have about a foot of snow now! My patio off my art studio is only being used by the birdies right now certainly not by me!
This is Tim's shot of the deer. They are tamer than ever with all the snow covering the green stuff. I am going to throw them some hay and see how hungry they really are, if they eat it, I'll know.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Ancient Coptic Stitched Canvas Journal

As with most creations that I like best, the design for this one was not planned, it just happened. The only idea I had was to use canvas but that was the extent of the planning the rest just unfolded as I worked on it. It has a sturdy eska board as the foundation with canvas glued on top. Instinct took over with the cut out design, it came about with a pencil in hand doodling on a page. The cut out in the canvas allowed you could see what was beneath and I painted and textured the under layer with acrylic paint. Next the canvas layer had stamped words and numbers, hand stitched linen thread, ripped book pages adhered with bees wax and then the entire canvas coated in beeswax (it smells wonderful!) After that I embossed some select words in the wax with a pen and added some new ones and finally the hardware was added just before I glued it all together.
Every signature is decorated with beautiful papers giving each one its own character. I prepainted many pages with either, watercolours, walnut ink or acrylics. I am afraid my stitching falls below standard as its been a while since I have done a coptic stitched journal.

On the back I kept it simple with a big embellishment by Tim Holtz and the star brads. It is waxed like the front. This was a journey that I took with Ananova and Mergatroid who also made fabulous journals that are oh so different! It is amazing how much you bond with your journal when you make it from scratch. I should do this more often. You certainly end up with a unique journal that comes from your heart and soul.

Sunday, 14 December 2008

A Jazzoid

A Rutnec is like a centur but the opposite in that it has a human body and a horse head.