Sunday, 20 May 2007

Evolution of a Tree Peony

My Tree Peony sits under my living room window descretely most of the season, not even noticable, but when it blooms . . . Look Out!
At this point the bud must be about 4 inches thick across the middle.
First the bud swells to enormous porportions and teases you with colour of what is to come.

Then POW! She opens up.
The colour explosion is intense and amazing!

The Stamens are like little flowers in themselves.

The time frame is about 10 days from bud to wide open and I look forward to watching the event every spring.
When the flower is fully open she must be 10 to 12 inches across!
Talk about blooming your heart out! : )


audrey h. said...

Pattio.........yipppppeeee!!!! I found you and now i get to see these gorgeous flower pics again :o)

Rella said...

Pattio...gorgeous, gorgeous Peony!! Are they as fragrant as bush type peonies? Your art is fab and I just love the box faerie ala Misty's divine but totally your own style. I am green with envy (in a good way) that you took a class with Misty...I'm happy that you could attend such a wonderful artfest with many art sisters. Just found your blog and will be back.
Hugs ~ Rella