Saturday, 26 May 2007

Wild Idea Exchange

Chris and Sylvia and I did a very cool swap. It was Sylvia's brilliant idea. It was really interesting to see how we all interpreted it. This is Chris's creation for me. I have displayed it on my journal pages for the photo as the colours are just right for it, earthy and rich. Chris made me a Shaman Doll and a pouch full of charms and a very interesting crystal nodule thing. I just love it all. Thanks so much Chris!

This is my Wild Idea for Sylvia. I had this small cigar box that was quite shallow and just the perfect size to make into my Celtic Charm Box. I have a Scottish background, my mom is a Munro and I was channeling from my ancient people to create this. I was very pleased how it turned out. :) Cead Mile Failte is Gaelic for "A Hundred Thousand Welcomes"
Showing the inside lid and the charms and scrolls inside.

On the inside are maps and scrolls and spells wrapped in different coloured threads a hand pounded copper strap with VISION stamped into it a glass vial with Columbine seeds. The big seed pods are Nigella or "Love-in-a-Mist" a Stellars Jay and Hawk feathers a bundle of Lavender and Rosemary twigs, and a red candle. I really enjoyed working on this, it was a wonderful exchange.
From one happy camper

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Marilyn Rock said...

A Celtic Charm Box! What a great idea. This is perfect size cigar box to do this with, too. Love it!