Saturday, 23 June 2007

ByHand Loose Pages Swap loose no more

After a long journey my loose pages finally made it home. A group of us from the ByHand Yahoo site started this swap in March 2005. The theme is an idea journal where you can share your favorite technique or show how organized your workspace is or whatever strikes your fancy. Everyone poured their heart into their contribution. It was 2 years on the road, but it did make it home safe. Well I telling you it was worth the wait!
I decided to make the binding really simple and used those binder rings. The cover is book board covered in masking tape and then painted, sanded and painted some more and then stamped on. I inked my hand with a permanent black stamp pad for the hand print.


Lindart said...

I Love how you bound your pages. That is going to be one of my summer projects, to bind mine. Not sure yet what I'll do, but I love your idea!

Erasmuse said...

I'm enthralled with a lot of your work and check your blog often. :)

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