Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Beach Treasure

It amazing how much you see if you just slow down and take your time to look around. We spent an entire morning on this small rocky beach and had a fabulous time. This sea anenome was almost hidden from view in the seaweed between the rocks and the same with this sea urchin.
Every where you look treasure!

Lots of little crabs and the most interesting shapes and patterns of seeweed.


Patti G. said...

Your eye sees beauty in all things! Your beach treasures are amazing, in color, texture and pattern! Just great! And then you incorporate that in your art! Talented ONE you are! <3
Sending hugs,

Marilyn Rock said...

Pattio; I really enjoyed viewing your beach pictures. It's amazing the finds that are there and you've captured them with your camera! Marvelous. I love your celtic goddess art,too :)