Monday, 15 October 2007

Belle Silvane

Belle lived a good long life. 37 years! That is quite something for a horse. Belle was my mom's Morgan horse and foaled two beautiful babies. Gitano who turned out to be a handsome Bay and is still in my neighborhood and Gizelle who I still own. She is now 20 years old and is the sweetest girl ever! She is Morgan/Takenher, is liver chestnut like her mom but with 4 white sox and a star and stripe down her face and has a flaxen mane and tail.
I had planned to sell Gizelle before we arranged to put Belle down but it is really hard to sell an older horse. I was getting ready to just give her away so she wouldn't be alone here after Belle was gone, but Belle didn't wait for us and sadly last month we buried Belle. I was so worried that Gizelle who had never been by herself in her 20 years was just that. . . alone.
To my surprise she is not only adjusted well but seems quite happy and content and I would say she has even matured and grown up some. I was really struggling with this decision and feeling at odds about trying to sell her but I was not paying any attention to her or riding her and not for a long time. In getting her ready to sell I started riding her to show her off and the more I did the more I was enjoying horses again and she is such a sweetie and damn it is trained pretty good even if I do say so myself! I love dressage and Gizelle is trained up to Medium level and is so willing to try her heart out for what ever you want her to do. One thing I have not had for some time is a ring to ride in to practice dressage, so I am going to figure out a way to make one.
I have decided she is my girl and not that it was ever a question of love because I do love her and she will now stay my girl, my baby who I help be born 20 years ago.

My Girl Gizelle


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Patti-your journal pages are fabulous-enjoyed seeing them as always. I am so sorry about Belle and so happy that you are finding joy in riding Gizelle again. Great to see you on your blog!
chris p

Patti G. said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I am saddened reading about Belle......I am sorry you lost her! <3 Sending hugs your way doll!
Enjoy Gizelle while you can and know that our hearts are with you! I LOVE the pictures, thank you for sharing them!They are beautiful...I can see why you love them!

Marilyn Rock said...

Patti - so sorry to read about Belle. I'm thinking of you and know you loved her; I can see how you did. Gizelle is your gift and enjoy her as long as she's with you. I love your journal pages!

Laura Krasinski said...

Oh Pattio... I'm so sorry to hear your beloved horse is gone. It is so hard to lose a pet.... I"m happy Gizelle is doing well.. But, then why wouldn't she when she has a wonderful mom like you...

Jonna Barnett said...

Patti, So sorry to hear for your loss. I know how it feels. Gizelle is beautiful. I have also started getting back into my riding this year. Good luck.