Sunday, 6 January 2008

Hemp Journal II

Yah! I found another Hemp Journal! There was only one place in town and even then I had to special order it, but I am so happy to have it and I even bought a spare. :) Here are the pages I worked on over the Christmas holidays. The cover is fairly plain. I may come back to it later and embellish it more. Off to feed my horse Gizelle lunch and be back shortly for more.
The inside front cover has a picture of me on Gizelle. I did the background with a plank stamp and coloured it with walnut ink and watercolour pencil crayons. This was quite a few years ago and I hope to get Gizelle back into the shape she was here. The face is a watercolour I did in a previous journal. In Photoshop I added the tape measures for a frame and printed it out on canvas the background edge is acrylic paints
Broken Wing
Feeling a little blue when I worked on this spread. Lots of rubber stamps here.
On the Edge
Lumiere paints for the background. Love the metalic colours they have. These acrylics dry really fast and look awesome with stamped images in chaulk ink.
Empty Nest
I love intense colour! The nest is really a xmas wreath. I painted over the face with acrylics.
Green Goblin
This isn't finished yet I am still playing with it.
Castle Window
I used drywall tape at the bottom of the page for the background behind the two ATC's. The window is a piece of canvas with an onion net bag pressed into gesso to get the texture. The various Celtic stamps.
Roman Spirit
Practicing my calligraphy. Ok I know I need a lot of practice! LOL Acrylic painted background with lots of Roman and Greek stamps for the borders.
Just foolin around with borders.

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Jonna Barnett said...

Very nice pages...i need to do more in my journal but just don't seem to get around to it or have time...where does my time go??? Never seen a hemp journal.