Sunday, 20 January 2008

Suzi Blu, I love you!

I just recently discovered Suzi Blu's videos on You tube and her blog. She is awesome! I am not very good at expressing myself in words but I feel the same about so many things as Suzi. My journal spread was inspired by looking at her work and videos for the last few days. Suzi you ROCK! I am going to try and paint and draw more and not be afraid! And Suzi you have inspired me to do it, More, More More!!!!


Patti G. said...

Pattio, your journal page inspired by Suzi is aaaaaaewesome! She is great fun, I have seen her also! You did great, I love the colors and your style still shines through!!!!!! Yes yes!
Hoping all is well with you and Tim! Sending hugs!Patti

Kel said...

She is just so fab, isn't she? I love her too. You may feel less comfortable in words, but your artwork is stunning! Thank you for entering my OWOH draw.
Kel x