Monday, 11 February 2008

Journaling my Art out!

It has been so gray and dull here in Victoria. I am feeling the need for a little sunshine to brighten up the days. I am trying to stay upbeat but somedays its a bit of a challenge. My girlfriend came over last night and we visited and painted and had a great time! This is what I did. She looks a little sad.
This is Ms Penny Rae of sunshine and she is definitley more colourful! and she has a huge heart (made from a painted Ginko leaf) Love the fishnet stockings!!!

Mod Maude is too cool for words! I am alternating my portraits between watercolours and acrylics. Not sure if I have a favorite yet, needs more experimentation I would say.

Sweet Nancy's is a new clothing store in town. I thought it was such a great add. Thought the dots went with the pearl necklace. I must check out this store!

I definitely notice the influence of Suzi Blue in some my faces. :)

Jessica has a hot date! LOL!

Till next time . . . Cheerio


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Pattio-wonderful pages!!!! You have been very busy! All are fabulous!
hugs, chris

Marilyn Rock said...

Pattio; I'm just moved by your recent art here on your Blog! The Arabian nights - WOWSER! I love your recent paintings and really enjoy seeing the expressions that you paint on your images! Terrific!

Kel said...

Good morning! I just love all these art journal pages, absolutely stunning! I just love art journalling, I think it is so important. Anyway, some good news to wake up to... you have won the brown and pink felted vessel on my blog Kel's Space. Congratulations! Drop by later and email me from the link there with your address.
Kel x

tina's space said...

pattio, so nice of you to drop by. i have had a busy week and did not get much art time in. I love seeing all your journal pages!! so brave of you to draw; something I really want to do myself but just cannot. I can't draw a straight line!!! hence the rubber stamps. I am inspired by all the lovely journaling I have been seeing to try but I guess I am a scaredy cat. How have you been? Keep showing your beautiful art. I wish I had more time to devote to blogging; a wish I am sure many people have. I will link to your blog if I can remember how to do it!!

Jonna Barnett said...

what fun pages. I love Jessica. And you won something during the OHOW. I won some postcards and can hardly wait to see them. Are you attending art fest this year?

Pattio said...

Thanks everyone for your great comments.

Jonna, No (big frowning face) :( but and it is a big but! The reason is I am building an addition on to my art studio. And it will be big when I am done. :))) Turning that frown right back around!!! I am so excited about it and the time is getting closer. . . Cheers Pattio