Sunday, 15 June 2008

Caught in Canvas Workshop

On Saturday I took Suzanne Cannon's workshop "Caught in Canvas" and I am so happy with my book. Thanks Suzanne! We had a blast in the class and I have a new 6 x 6" journal to fill. :)
I ended up making something quite different that what I first planned. The theme turned to Celtic and I tried to make it look old and gnarly. I made mine with watercolour paper for the pages. I love the look of the binding and it was quite easy to stitch together.
The class was from 10 till 4 pm and when I got home I kept working on it till Midnight. I am still thinking the back needs a little something. For a closure, I added small nobs front and back that I can fasten closed with an elastic. This will allow the book to grow as I fill it with art. :)

Using the stretched canvases for covers gives you a niche front and back of the book to decorate too. Very Cool! I have a Greenman, a Chinese bottle filled with Fireweed seeds and a foot.
Suzanne had this neat stencil we got to use with a special glue that drys tacky and then you apply gold foil. Isn't it beautiful!
The inside back has a vial filled with black beads and dried Fireweed flowers, a bead and a tiny frame with a tiny picture of a Castle in Ireland.


Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Awesome Pattio-I am loving your book! Great idea!
hugs, chris

Marilyn Rock said...

Pattio; this is THE most amazing book I've ever seen! It's incredible! I love it! I just keep looking at it over and over!

Quietfire Style said...

Oh, Pattio, you must be so pleased with this! You finished it beautifully and the little knob is perfect!

Kristy C said...

This is just gorgeous!!

Wanda H said...

Fabulous journal, Pattie!!!

Yogi said...

Looks fabulous pattio
Happy journaling in it

Lindart said...

This is absolutely gorgeous!! Well done!

Jonna said...

Oh my go#$..... this is awesome. I so love binding and am so so jealous....Amazing. Something I'm sure you will treasure for a long long time.