Friday, 11 July 2008

Art Studio Update

I am having my 1st toast on my new deck. It's off my new art studio addition. The deck is almost 12' x 12' and has a nice pastoral views. I am loving the extra space for summer. Keiko is also a big fan of the deck as it is a superb look out. :)
This is looking back at my studio door. The door faces east and gets the morning sun. The sun hits the corner with the table I'm sitting at most of the day. I can't wait to do some art out there. ;) Cheers Pattio


Marilyn Rock said...

Pattio! This is amazing and I love seeing you and Keiko sitting there enjoying the deck along your studio; you look so happy and I'm thrilled for you! What an atmosphere for your beautiful creations! Thanks for sharing this! WOW! Enjoy!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

What a wonderful sight-you look absolutely thrilled with your surroundings! Great to see your Keiko, too! Congratulations on your new digs!
chris p

Patti G. said...

Congrats and cheers on your new deck! WOW girlfriend,this is amazing!!!!! good for you!

Your ride/adventure looked awesome too!

tina's space said...

wow patti, the whole dect looks so inviting. I can imagine daydreaming out there. And it is just an extension of your art room; more room to spread out!! Keiko is just as big as ever. And I see you are still biking miles and miles. My longest bike ride so far has been 10 miles!!LOL