Monday, 18 August 2008

Art and Life Inspiration

I just got my issue 12 of Art and Life in the mail and am loving it! Teesha worked on this issue more like she would journal doing a few pages at a time. I don't know if that is why but it seems extra special to me. This first image is inspired by Eric of the JournalFodderJunkies.blogspot Picasso like portrait. They have some pages this Art and Life. I am really fascinated with their art. Not sure if this is a finished page yet but I like where its going.
This next page is inspired by a previous one of my own. I love movement and love watching dancers. My new favorite show is "So You Think You Can Dance" The choreography and dancing is phenomenal! This is just the background but I already like it. :)
I have been searching for a format that I am inspired to work on and have for sale as well. I have come up with a binder so it is like a journal and then I can sell the pages. I don't know if this is going to fly or not but I am having fun with it. I have this funky binder that I am using and the cool thing is I can insert any kind of pages, be it canvas, watercolour or whatever.

Canvas pages that were left overs from some other project. I am enjoying working on the texture of canvas, it has a rawness that appeals to me.
These are also works in progress. I am having a blast in my new art studio and getting a ton of use of my new art deck! One happy art chick!!!


Heather said...

love seeing all your latest journal works in progress...i really like the binder idea too. Hugs, Heather

Anonova said...

This is awesome! I'm so glad you're a happy art chick. :-)

Marilyn Rock said...

Wonderful journal pages Pattio. I'm so happy you are enjoying your new studio!