Thursday, 25 September 2008

It was a BLAST!

Veiled Sofi

Jessica Wabbit

My Cards

My Studio

My Art Studio Open House was a great success and a ton of fun! I took some pictures of my set up before the people showed up and was having such a good time I forgot to get my camera out while the guests were there. Doh!


Anonova said...

It was huge, huge fun to attend!! I got such a kick out of hearing everyone ooh-ing and ah-ing over your work, Patti. An inspiring afternoon full of interesting conversations about art and surrounded by art. Just fantastic!

Marilyn Rock said...

Oh; the pictures are wonderful here Pattio! Your studio is awesome and you deserve every square foot of it! I appreciate you sharing pictures with us. Congrats on a grande opening and I wish you many creative and joyous moments, ahead, in your studio; it's just awesome is the word!

Kel said...

Ooooh! Gorgeous, it looks just stunning. I'm so glad it went well.