Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Northern Region Part II

This is a triple combo done in Photoshop. The back door of the Inn I stayed at, along with my photo of a little black bear and finally with an overlay of the map of Stewart.

Stewart BC has so much character but I can only imagine what a wild town it was back at the turn of the century! This was the town Brothel called Gunnanoot is has been converted to rooms for the Ripley Creek Inn and you can stay there. You could also take a cruiser bike from the Inn any time you wanted and go for a spin around town. This is the front of the Brothel.

The back entrance is a bit more original . . .

Quite the chariot don't you think? The town fire truck parked outside the original hall.

The old fire hall is now the town Museum.

The original Stewart Hotel, now abandon. Wow it would be cool to peek inside, eh? It has a ton of rooms in it.

Just outside town is the Bear Glacier.

Still more pictures to come.


Marilyn Rock said...

Great pictures Pattio!

Anonova said...

You have such an eye for composition, Patti. :)