Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Imagination Cafe

You never know what you will find on the menu at the Imagination Café.
It all started one night in my art studio. Tim came in for a visit and we were sitting around having a nice chat and talking about art. I was telling, Tim, how my new friend, Kellie, has a great imagination and she’s not afraid to use it. Tim says, “Hey, that’s a neat quote!” And I thought Hey that is kind of cool so I wrote it down in my journal. I also thought it would also be fun to share with Kellie, so I typed it up and printed it out, but it was just too plain, I had to tweak it. I reprinted it using our art names and it turned out like this: The famous glamorous artist Jazzgoil was overheard saying of her fellow famous glamorous artist Anonova, “ She has a great imagination and she’s not afraid to use it!” Well it still needed more embellishment so I crunched it up and then rubbed it with stamp pad of earthy colours, some walnut ink, Radiant Pearls, stamped images around edges, ripped the edges added a fleur-de-lis and a ribbon for a seal and rolled it scroll like, tied with a ribbon. Now that’s more like it! 0ne thing left to do . . . come up with an image of Jazzgoil. 0h I know! And voila the package is complete. I take my fun little surprise in to the office the next day and present it to Kellie and say this is for her journal. She gets a great kick out of it. And I ask her “Could I get a picture of Anonova to put in my journal?” She thinks for all of about 3 seconds and says “I know just what I am going to do!” This of course puts a big smile on my face. Kindred Spirits ! Aren’t they great! A day or two goes by and Kellie tells me she is working on it but she is getting a little carried away. 0h what could be better than that! Now I am really curious to see what she has been up to.
Kellie being true to her word brings in the most special image of Anonova hand drawn and painted and it is AWES0ME! It looks very mystical with Ms Anonova Mouse drinking her Green Tea and nibbling on German Butter cheese. Also included is the ancient looking document saying “Jazzgoil is the one that introduces Anonova to the joys of being a Wild Women of Art.” How cool is that, that I was able to inspire another to launch head first into Journal play which sparked a flurry of amazing pages of art with no end in site!!! Another artist unleashed, look out world!

Monday, 18 August 2008

Art and Life Inspiration

I just got my issue 12 of Art and Life in the mail and am loving it! Teesha worked on this issue more like she would journal doing a few pages at a time. I don't know if that is why but it seems extra special to me. This first image is inspired by Eric of the JournalFodderJunkies.blogspot Picasso like portrait. They have some pages this Art and Life. I am really fascinated with their art. Not sure if this is a finished page yet but I like where its going.
This next page is inspired by a previous one of my own. I love movement and love watching dancers. My new favorite show is "So You Think You Can Dance" The choreography and dancing is phenomenal! This is just the background but I already like it. :)
I have been searching for a format that I am inspired to work on and have for sale as well. I have come up with a binder so it is like a journal and then I can sell the pages. I don't know if this is going to fly or not but I am having fun with it. I have this funky binder that I am using and the cool thing is I can insert any kind of pages, be it canvas, watercolour or whatever.

Canvas pages that were left overs from some other project. I am enjoying working on the texture of canvas, it has a rawness that appeals to me.
These are also works in progress. I am having a blast in my new art studio and getting a ton of use of my new art deck! One happy art chick!!!

Friday, 8 August 2008

Getting Lost in Journal Play

I so love playing in my journals, time just seems to fly by while I am using luscious fibers and delicious paint, yummy crayons. The joy of unrestrained experimentation is intoxicating.
Want to try it? Everyone should!
Playing with paint

Wild Whimsical Women in Walnut Ink

Added a few words in Photoshop

Left is photo of rock, right is acrylic painting

Close up showing gold stamping on photo