Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Hat Journal gets Grungy with the Disintegration Project

For more information about Seth Apters fabulous Disintegration Project click on his icon above.

I am using a cardboard 3 ring binder for my new Hat Journal. The first layer is using a lot of my buried treasure which was atlas pages, German blackletter, a paper towel, linen and some abandoned layout of the letter "T". To that I added a bit of drywall and masking tape. I love how random bits of paper end up with interesting words that seems like kismet! The small piece of paper at the top of the right side says "ding. Yet how much lively imagination"

Layer 2 is Gesso scraped on with a card but left a bit thicker to have the bubble wrap texture show up.
Layer 3 is Golden Fluid Acrylic paint in Quinachridone Niko-Azo Gold

Stay tune for more layers to come. Meanwhile I prepped the inside with the Quin gold and filled in the center with Gesso and textured it with a card.

Seth will be having a big revel at his blog Aug 1st. Check it out to see what all the other artists will be doing with their buried treasure. I have no doubt that it will be very inspiring!


Anonova said...

WOW!! I'm loving that outside cover already! Fantabulous! Stefan would approve.

Seth said...

This is looking fantastic already. I love that you have photographed the process. Taking something disintegrated and creating something new!

jgr said...

How very cool! I love all the random 'worn' textures!