Monday, 6 July 2009

Wild Fun with Friends

My friend Kellie and I got together on Sunday and had a blast making art. I love working with someone who inspires you. We had such a great creative charge off of each other. Thanks Kellie!We both got new journals and started working on them.
This is the folder inside the front cover. At our Mad Hatter Tea Party we made this wonderful paper. I used it on the cover and both pages. Zeke appeared to me from the abstract designs in this piece. Zeke loves a good cigar! (LOL)

In this piece I saw a knight and he ended up with a wild head piece on his helmet.


Marilyn Rock said...

Very cool! Love the texture of it all! WOW!

Anonova said...

I absolutely love Zeke and the Knight of the Crazy Headdress! Thanks so much for Sunday, it was just awesome! :)