Sunday, 7 February 2010

Torquoise Secrets

Sunday Secrets at Seth Apters site have some new and interesting tips.
Cardboard covers

The big purple flower
Canvas framed in embossed paper with beaded center.

Purples don't photograph right. I wonder why?


Linda Germain said...

Thanks for sharing the sewn text idea on the secret sunday. I will have to try it soon.

lyle baxter said...

I too liked your idea about the text paper frames. will be at the machine since the snow here is still a mile high after the weekend storm. I also liked the "coffee" tip if you mix a little cinnamon with the coffee your paper smells good! thanks for sharing your secret. I bet you'll have lots of takers ,lyle

jill Zaheer said...

Just love these blues and your framing of your work. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful layered sewing secret in Seth's Secret Sunday post. I'm definitely going to try it. So glad he's linked to your blog so I can look through all of your artwork! Thanks again.

Marilyn Rock said...

Fantastic Pattio; love the turquoise!

Anonova said...

Your faces are just so amazing!! The interior of the flower makes me smile. :)