Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I got a new tripod

Part of my Lichen collection.

Very tiny Anemone. No bigger around than a dime.

The stem of a ceramic mushroom aged out doors.

A beautiful monkey from Lisette. :)

Tiny beaded amulet bag by my good friend Lizard. :)

OOh joy New beads!

My initials

Having the right tool for the job is so important if you want decent results. I got a new tripod and it is awesome. I also borrowed my partners macro lens and went crazy taking pictures on the weekend.


luthien said...

that's amazing photography ... the tripod is doing it's job real well ...and yes! macro lens rules!!

Marilyn Rock said...

Incredible shots Pattio! WOW! Glad you got your tripod! I love those initials of yours and your journaling work, below, always fantastically intriguing and inspirational! xxoo

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Oh, how i would love to learn to take these wonderful photos! You have the artist's eye!!

lizzie said...

What amazing photographs. Funny what just having a tripod can do!

Janine said...

Great photos!