Saturday, 20 March 2010

Moleskine Crazy!

I was reluctant to spend the money on a Moleskine journal but after getting one I have fallen in love with the portable size and the sturdy construction. These are 3 of them with newly doctored up covers. This first one is covered with light modeling paste and painted with acrylic paints. This is a graph paper journal.

Next is the storyboard journal which I covered with decorative paper and drew a goddess with wild hair.

The red one is also covered with decorative paper with circles of string that I painted with Quinacridone Crimson acrylic paint.
And in my sketch journal is the crooked man inspired by Lynne Hoppe. I used Inktense pencil crayons and acrylic paints. I love how you can fit these journals in my small purse to have anywhere you happen to be!

More work to come from inside my journals.


lynne h said...

ha, patti! oh the moleskine love! they're nice aren't they?! i'll love seeing what you do in them - love what you've done so far! (that crooked man is VERY nice : )


Anonova said...

My fave is the yellow textured cover for the graph journal. :)