Sunday, 18 April 2010

Introducing Violet Pansee the Garden Goddess

She came into this world as a blob. It's the cliche story of the ugly duckling turning into the beautiful swan. LOL! She is painted with acrylics and has lots of leaf adornments and a big heart. She has two green thumbs and can grow sunshine, helping hands and warm hearts. :)

I made her flower out of bits of painted muslin and used a pin to hold it on.
The watering can is pouring silk yarn and here she is with her crop of friends.

Kindly hearted Violet

Growing more love

Insightful Ms Pansee


lynne h said...

patti! you never cease to amaze me! ms. pansee is so wonderful - and a muslin flower!! i love the way ms. pansee has her hand on ms. sunflower. it looks like she's giving her a reassuring pat. or maybe just holding her petal hand... : )

thank you for the smiles and inspiration...


p.s. i have a couple of pieces of muslin ready to fly off to you - will take them to the p.o. tomorrow.

Marilyn Rock said...

I am in awe of this! How beautiful and moving! WOW! I'm speechless! xxoo

Anonova said...

Oh she's SO AWESOME!! I'm in love. :)

Janine said...

Wonderful work!