Sunday, 11 April 2010

Lucky Me!

Its official! I am now the new proud owner of Peg by Lynne Hoppe.

Peg is done on plaster cloth, muslin, acrylic paint, collage elements, coloured pencils, matte gel medium and oil pastels.
Lynne is mailing it out to me tomorrow. I am so excited to see it in person, to see her art in person. I am such a fan of her work and her blog posts are so wonderful! I am also getting a muslin journal from Lynne and I am looking forward to working in that when it arrives. Thank you Lynne for your beautiful work.


lynne h said...

hee, patti! i just got online and there was peg over in the sidebar!!

thank you for your nice words... i feel the same about your blog and art...


Seth said...

Congrats on getting this piece. I just purchased "Juliette" from Lynne -- she is hanging out on her blog banner now!

Julie said...