Sunday, 2 May 2010

Still Moleskine Crazy

I am having so much fun with Moleskines. I nearly have one of every type. I am altering the covers as well as working inside them and here you can see Queen BB hold up a gaggle of moleskines.
For my new fabric journal I decided to go small and make it the same size as the Moleskines.

I am not crazy about the lighting here. I was experimenting using the room lighting and my tripod to see if it would look more natural but it looks so golden.

Here are a few pages inside my fabric journal.

The devil made me do it. Ha!


Marilyn Rock said...

Your journals are awesome Pattio; unlike any I've seen - just fabulous!

Love the photos of flowers in your garden? Beauteous!

Seth said...

The fabric journal is incredible. And I love the shot of all the journals lined up!!

lynne h said...

oh, patti! what delight! everything! i'm assuming that the fabric journal is the same size as the regular moleskine sketchbook (not the pocket size). is that right?

every page just thrills me - as does the sight of all of your moleskines together.

thank you...


Brian K said...

Oh how I love moleskines myself! They do love our paints and shtuff... I love the shots of them all lined up! I am currently working in a giant 11.5 x 17.5 moleskine, pure wonderful magic!!! Can't have just one!

Pattio said...

Thanks all for your wonderful comments.

Marilyn, yes all the flower pictures are from my garden.

Lynne, all the journals lined up including the fabric one are the pocket sized Moleskine. They are so portable I love them.

Brian, I didn't even know Moleskines came that big. It is fantastic! I have a few really big journals and they are a blast to work in too.


Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

These are truly beautiful. I love the earth tones.

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Patti, your fabric journal is gorgeous. I love the warm colors and the golden earthiness of each page... roxanne