Sunday, 8 August 2010

My first Youtube movie

Starring Gizelle!

I made my first movie on my iMac with iMovie. It is myself and my horse Gizelle doing dressage in the backyard. I am not sure exactly the year but somewhere around 1996. Lizard was kind enough to transfer my old VHS tape to dvd and then I could import it into iMoive. I have only have my iMac a few weeks and it is taking some getting used to, to be able to move about and find everything after being a PC person for my whole life. I plan to transfer some other fun videos that I have of my dogs and horses. It will be great to see the old stuff we filmed.

Just click on Gizelle's name to watch the video.



lynne h said...

patti, gizelle is so beautiful! and there are so many birds singing! xo

Pattio said...

thanks Lynne

I was considering music but I couldn't cover up the birds. Gizelle is the SWEETEST horse I have ever owned!


rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Patti, I have been away for too long! The video of gizelle is wonderful. She is gorgeous. And all your new work is beautiful, colors, textures, all of it! Have a wonderful week! roxanne

Marilyn Rock said...

How relaxing to view this - thank you! Gizelle - how beautiful and you look so content on top - nothing like that bond! Wonderful! xxoo

Patti G. said...

Patti, this makes me want to cry! How fantastic and there is something so glorious and graceful about horses and Gizelle is absoltuely stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!

lizzie said...

forgot to tell you how much i love this video. i am ready to transfer more vhs anytime.