Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Sister talk

I changed my desktop to this photo and I thought I would share it with you. They are sisters Rodlechien and Personality (the bay). I bought Personality from Ms Eva Maria Boerschmann way back about 1980.

For a short time Rodlechien was boarded at my barn. I trained Personality in dressage and then Bred her to a black Trakehner stallion Gaillard and she had a beautiful colt Jazzman who I kept and trained in dressage and jumping. I loved dressage! So technical and yet so beautiful. The partnership to me was the best of all, having your best friend with whom you can spend hours practicing and perfecting your craft and also trail riding, playing and relaxing with. They don't use words but they can sure talk if you listen. What are these two saying? "You move over", "No, YOU move over", "NO, YOU MOVE OVER!!!" Sisters, geesh! :)


Marilyn Rock said...

Love the "sisters"; they are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! xxoo

Maria said...

Power and beauty. Lucky you :)

Lee (Duncan) McLean said...

Hello, Patti. I'm trying to think if I remember you, as I was a student of Mrs. Boerschmann's at the time you speak of. I DO remember Personality and R'chien very well, however, as Mrs. B. loved her horses and was a hard task-master to bumbling teenage girls that were handling them... Or maybe just girls like me! She insisted on ten currycombs-ful of dirt dumped on the aisleway in front of each horse - and these little piles of scurf had to be lined up in military precision. This was a tall order as these horses were groomed twice daily and R'chien had a very tickly coat! So fun to reminisce, as I was just idly googling Mrs. Boerschmann's name to see if anything came up. She taught me a lot in the four years I was a student - all good stuff that I still use on my horses and ponies everyday. PS: your girls looked grand!

Pattio said...

Hi Lee,

It was awesome to hear you speak of the horses and Mrs B
Drop me an email so I can send you a note back. its jazzgoil at


Anonymous said...

Hello, I also googled Mrs. Boerschmann's name, just to see what I'd come up with - she was my riding instructor in the late '60's in Connecticut. I have just recently returned to riding after more than 30 years (!!) and I swear I could hear her voice in my head yelling, "SIT in the saddle!!" Can you tell me where you studied with her, I've been wondering what happened to her. A most unforgettable lady. Thanks!