Monday, 25 October 2010

No hoof, No horse!

Such was almost the fate for my sweet girl Gizelle. She was diagnosed with founder Sept 2009. It takes a full year for a horse to grow a new hoof so it is not something you find the results for quickly. Gizelle is 24 years old and I was wondering if she would be able to recover or if I was sentencing her to a lot of pain for nothing. Tough decision. Well I couldn't give up on her too quickly so I steeled myself for the long road to recovery or so I hoped. There was a point a few months in where she was in so much pain I called the Vet to come put her down. It was all too much for her and for me it was torture to see her suffer like that. The Vet came and found an abscess and relieved the pressure and she was able to continue on. That was the hardest and lowest point and I am so happy to say she has made a complete recovery! It is so hard when our animal friends get sick! I pulled her out of her mother for goodness sake. She is a part of the family.

Gizelles feet in bad shape Feb 2010, you can see the line especially on her far dark foot where it is actually coming apart. And her closer white foot is misshaped with her toe cut back. I had to lock her in her stall for months because she could only walk on very soft ground and she even had a hard time with that. The photo below shows her foot closer where the new part is growing in from the top and the line and the mess below.

I am so happy to say she has healthy beautiful feet now. Gizelle is actually so healthy that she is getting bored so I have started riding her again! Here is what her healthy beautiful foot looks like as of Sept 9th and they look even better now. :)))) I would like to thank my Vet and Farrier for all your help. Thanks Danica and Trevor!

Wow, time is flying by and I haven't posted and art for ages!

"The Gypsy Ghost"
I have been doing art but not photographing it. Here is a journal spread that turned out kind of funky. And I have been trying to sketch and draw more and more. Roz Stendal always posting great stuff about journaling and sketching and she has inspired me to get out my Pental Brush pen and use it for sketching. And she is so right it is fun! I'll post some of these later.

"September Moon"
My hubby Tim Zurowski took this great shot of the moon on Sept 21st. I love all the details of the craters and stuff.

We had wonderful weather most of September and into October but it has been raining now for 24 hours and here in the Pacific Northwest it feels like its not going to stop anytime soon. :(


Patti G. said...

I am so happy that Gizelle has a healthy foot now and her pain is gone and you and she are happy and perky again Patti!!!!!!!!! GOOD GOOG news! I know what you mean about the wonderful connection we get with our animals! SPECiAL!
Sending big hugs my friend!

Anonova said...

I know the amount of work you put into Gizelle to make this happen, Patti! You deserve a round of applause!

Marilyn Rock said...

Love this post and so happy that Gizelle has recovered fully and can have quality of life with you. Enjoy and thanks so much for sharing! Glad you got some awesome art in, too. xxoo

giddy up said...

I am so glad your horse recovered... it is hard to loose them. I am glad you did not have to go through that.