Saturday, 27 November 2010

Lightbox Phrenology

I couldn't resist this ceramic Phrenology Head. I went shopping for a chair to sit at my bar height counter yesterday and finally decided on one. It's awesome to finally have a seat. While I was there I found the head. ;) It's about 10" tall and is right at home in my art studio.

I used my light box again to take these shots. The first one I added a faux tin tile in the background and the next couple are with the canvas that my light-box is draped in.

And in this final shot I pulled back so you can see my set up. For those that may not have seen my previous post about this, it's a wing chair with rigid plastic walls cut to fit and draped with canvas. Really simple but works great.


Anonova said...

Ooh, love the phrenology bust! Too cool.

jgr said...

Yes, very very cool and your light box is awesome!!

Marilyn Rock said...

This phrenology bust is awesome Pattio! And; your light box is amazing! Your Blog looks really cool!

Thanks for your supportive comments and feedback you leave on my Blog; I so appreciate it. I do love sketching faces, in my journal, without a model. I found it frees me up a bit. It's more of my creation than trying to copy someone else's face.

Best always - Marilyn xxoo

Robyn said...

What a great photography 'studio' setup. Many thanks for the tip. Now I just need to find a suitable lamp and I'll be able to photograph art all year.

Barbara Hagerty said...

What a great idea! Thanks for posting how you did this. I found you through Strathmore, and I'm definitely going to try this!