Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Red Green Journals

I picked up some new journals yesterday and tried 2 of them out last night. The two I tried are called Hand Books and have drawing paper pages but they take wet media not too bad. "Flashdance" is done in watercolours with no preliminary pencil sketch. I am quite happy with it. The nice thing about stitched books is you can easily painted over the gutter.

"Requiem for a V"
This ephemera (ballet image) is from the local newspaper of a ballet called "Requiem for a Vampire" the backbground is done with acrylics and I have the see thru pocket holding an face on the right that I did on my iPad.

Here is the two new journals sporting some new embellishments. They have nice fabric covers with earthy colours. So far I am pretty impressed.


lynne h said...

nice, patti... i especially love the covers of these books - and i really love what you've done to them! xo

Dyche Designs said...

Such beautiful work, they look great.

Anonova said...

I love Flashdance. :) I can't believe you painted that straight without any sketching beforehand. Awesome!