Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Playing with stencils

I was quite inspired by Linda Blinn's workshop on adding colour to your journal pages through the Strathmore free online workshop. I already had a face in profile stencil I made and I have been really focusing on faces lately so I just decided to go for it. She used watercolour crayons, pencils and I added in walnut ink because I just can't resist it. :)

I use Ginko leaves for hair? on the right and fibres on the left character.
Linda was using circle templates and all sorts of things to make designs with that I had not thought of using in that way. Cool! I love finding new ways to use existing tools in your studio.
I don't think these pages are finished but I like where they are going.
Really excited about springtime. Its just around the corner.


Marilyn Rock said...

Love your pages and stencils rule and what you do with them! And how cool is Janelle? xxoo

ajax5birasblog said...

excelente trabalho de arte parabens!

Esme said...
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Anonova said...

I love all of these these with their springtime colours. They're even better in person!

Pattio said...

Awe Gee thanks you guys. :)

cooking-varieties said...

hi pattio. i am new to this kind of art..but being an art lover, i find your blog is soooo beautiful..