Saturday, 28 May 2011

Tour de Victoria

It was pretty cool to be apart of the first ever Tour de Victoria. To have such an awesome organized event in my own home town how could I not. The logistics to pull this off must have been incredible. We had a road lane to ourselves for almost the whole ride. What a joy to ride under those conditions.
I wanted to train better for the event but since I didn't I opted for the shorter less hilly 90 km route as opposed to the 140 km route. I still feel proud of myself for doing it. My average was 26.8 km per hour which I thought was respectable. I came in 395th out of nearly a thousand riders in the timed portion for the last 12.5 km after already riding almost 80km's.

Ex Canuck Trevor Linden chats with Ryder Hesjedal before heading out on the 140 km route. This event is the brain child of Ryder and big props to him and his team for making it so well organized. Next year I hope to do the 140 km route.

Ryder Hesjedal (left) and Pro City rider Jamie Cameron come to the finish line
see more pictures here
I wish I had a picture of myself but I didn't even take a camera

The elite riders riding with Ryder

Thanks to all who worked so hard to put this on, the many volunteers and also for all those who came out to cheer us on. I think I even heard my name once or twice.

Tour de Victoria Rocked!!!

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mergatroid said...

Way to go Pattio! Three cheers for your accomplishment and for your stamina girl! That's quite the feat!