Sunday, 26 June 2011

The fascination with faces

But first I couldn't resist sharing some treasure I found while cleaning up. Pictures of Cody and Keiko when we first brought her home. Cody was so gentle with her getting down on her level to wrestle, letting her think she has a chance in a tug of war and resting up for the next bout. They were so adorable together.

Went for a great bike ride this morning and feel so great because of it. Energized, Ya baby!
I also got in some art time on Saturday and drew a bunch more faces.

Most of the inspiration came from "Art Revolution" by Lisa Cyr Wow talk about eye candy. I never get tired of looking at this book.

I am listening to Roger Cicero a German Jazz singer the track is Das Experiment and man it gets my toes tapping and sometimes I just have to dance.

Happy arting


thepowmill said...

You've portrayed quite a selection of faces . Have you a favorite art style? Have you developed your own?

Jan said...

Love the doggy photos, very sweet.

Enjoyed viewing your faces, not the typical girly waifs with tilted heads, I like yours. Nice to see some male faces.

Marilyn Rock said...

I love your Cody and Keiko photos - wonderful! I'm happy you shared. Your faces are marvelous with expression! Awesome! xxoo

Toyin O. said...

These pictures are great!