Tuesday, 18 October 2011

iPad play

"Isn't She Lovely?"

Keiko edited with Pixlromatic. What can I say I am a total sucker for scrolly lines.
Seth Apter is the new proud owner of Mac gear and was asking for App recommendations. I have quite a few apps for my iPad now and thought I would post about them too. Enjoy . . .

"He's Blue"

I have entirely too much fun playing on my iPad. This one is drawn in an App called Harmonious and then framed in Pixlromatic, both really cool little apps.

This one is drawn in Art Studio also VERY COOL! and framed again with Pixlromatic.


Marilyn Rock said...

Keiko is gorgeous! Love your "golden" horse!

Seth said...

Even more to check out! Thanks!

Anonova said...

Aww, Keiko. :)

Lisa Graham Art said...

I love scrollies too...love the glue guy.