Monday, 10 October 2011

Seeing and Listening

Started with Pitt pens and then painted with Super Tooth Gesso, acrylics, gel pens and walnut ink. I love to finish with Walnut Ink!
These are the latest pages in my big Hand Book. It has a linen cover and watercolour paper. I like these very much.

Water colours

Pentel Color Brush and blended with a wet brush

"Red's Portrait"
Pastels, watercolour crayons, acrylics, inkjet printout and walnut ink.

Fiber paste through oval stencil, hand made Goddess stencil, acrylic paint and Walnut Ink. :)

Glowing Edges filter in Photoshop


"Siskel and Ebert"



Marilyn Rock said...

I really love each and every page! I think the glowing edges effects with PS are so cool!

Anonova said...

My favourite is Seeing Red! Your lettering is just wonderful.

Jan said...

I have not been checking my favorite blogs lately and I see I missed a few of your posts. I love your journal pages . I also love the background of your blog, so cool and old painterly.