Sunday, 18 November 2012

Setting Art Goals

My contract to myself is in Notability an app on my iPad. I like it because you can type, handwrite and draw too. You can set the paper (the background) to whatever you like and they have a lot of choices.  My contract is to draw more, I want it to feel comfortable to draw anything and I tend to freeze up drawing certain subjects. Faces used to be one. Now I love drawing faces. They are so infinitely fascinating that I seem to be stuck on them. :) 
For my challenge I want to draw every day but I am allowed to use any medium to do it. I like to sketch directly with watercolours or draw in my Notability App or ??? So digital or paint or pencil its all good. 

Rusty Box

This is a little cigar box my friend Barb gave me. It is slowly transforming. I am starting to like it now. It has at least 6 layers of paint and medium on it so far as well as leaves and an embossed stamp. I think it needs feet soon. I just sat it on some blocks in the picture and I like it raised up.


Marilyn Rock said...

That box is really super! I love what you're doing with it!

Liz Hampton-Derivan Studio said...

Contract with self is good. I think I'll do the same. Always love your art and your posts.