Saturday, 29 December 2012

Drawing contract with self

Happy Holidays
I wasn't planning on taking a break from blogging it just worked out that way. I have been good at keeping my contract with myself to draw more and here is some of what I have been up to. I got a new small Moleskine at the beginning of December and the intent was to draw faces. I was having so much fun I went back and got another one the same as they were on sale for a good price. The cover doesn't give you a hint as to the theme in this case. It is an image I love of an Asian theme of water. In Victoria it is the wet season so maybe it is fitting. We have been getting loads of rainy days.

This Moleskine is 3 1/2 x 5 1/2"

title page (cool stamps from Zetiology)

Add a dash of Soul

 playing with a multi coloured lead pencil

Started in pencil and ended in acrylics

 mixed media, stencils acrylics

Pencil and pastels

pen and ink

 playing with gel pens and pan pastels
lots of tape, then brush pen Steampunk guy

tree guy pencil and walnut ink


I am practicing different expressions and angles

Faces are so hard to make them look like a particular person. I am happy they look like humans!

I love pencil work

Will likey do a face over this background

Pan Pastels

a background ready for a portrait.

I am still not very confident at my drawing skills, but if I don't practice I won't get better so I am committing to practice and share.

And this final one is from a new big journal 8 1/2 x 11" with grey paper which is cool.


lizzie said...

Your faces are incredible Patti. They certainly do look human. Look your new journal.

lizzie said...

Oops I meant LOVE your new journal

rivergardenstudio said...

Wow Patti!!! I have finally gotten the chance to really look at this journal and your faces.
I lam intrigued with the way you add collage elements to your drawings, and the way you fearlessly try different techniques.
And I love the spread with the pencil sketch of the eye up in the left corner, the pages with the mustached man and the "its a studio day" pages the most, but all are really fantastic!!!
Happy New Year,

Marilyn Rock said...

All I can express is WOW!!!!!!!!!!

Hulisani Mushiane said...

Beautiful work. I love it