Sunday, 27 January 2013

Childhood memories of mom

This is my triptych book and the theme is childhood memories of mom.  Mom gave me her children's story book when I was a little girl. It was given to her at 4 years old by her older sister. These are some of the illustrations. 

I found another copy of the book in a used book store and bought it so I could use the pages in my journal work as the original book is too special to me to rip up.

This one of 7 books is called Up One Pair of Stairs. It is filled with many classic stories and I loved this book to death. Almost literally. The book was falling from its binding and many pages were torn. I took it in to a book maker years ago when my mom was still alive and had the binding fixed. I was amazed what a great job they did and so was mom. And I think she was quite touched when she saw it all put right.

I think it may be finished. This is the book I made in Roxanne's workshop the thread that weaves
 I had a great time making this book and have another 3 in the works. Roxanne is very inspirational and I love her art as well as her gentle way she guides us in this workshop.


lizzie said...

Lovely triptych book Patti and great memories of your mom I am sure. She would love it.

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Patti, I love seeing this book here and reading about the book that you love so and your mother.
So very beautiful...

Liz Hampton-Derivan Studio said...

So very beautiful and heartfelt. Looks like good memories too.