Friday, 18 January 2013

Following golden threads of inspiration

Buddhas have a calming effect on me and so I have several. They are on the patio in the house and garden too.

Close up of textures

 I am following my own muse in the online class I am taking With Roxanne. She is a wonderful inspiration and so are the other students. I am loving seeing the artwork develop by all. I am making 4 books not just one and this is the biggest one.

 Back side

Front side
This page has already transformed quite a bit so I will have to post some new pictures. ;)

For my next book I work on my patio table on the deck and lay out ephemera and found objects to check out possible designs.  

I have painted these pages with gesso and fiber paste and then layered on acrylics and topped it with walnut ink.  I LOVE walnut ink!!!

 These are triptych format "books" and I love this idea for a number of reasons. It is easy to keep to a theme and you can also easily incorporate 3 dimensional found objects because you can adjust the fold to have sufficient depth. This book is still 3 separate panels that I will bind together with canvas or possibly leather.
 Dribbling walnut ink across acrylics

Lots of fibre paste 

After walnut text was added with stamp and ink white stamp pad. I also put a letter stencil over the top and took off walnut in with water to reveal the colour underneath. 

The big ol' tree

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