Saturday, 2 March 2013

Having fun at Strathmore free workshop

Strathmore is putting on 3 more free workshops this year and the first one has started. Robert Joyner is teaching painting with acrylics and crayons. This link will take you to Strathmore and all you have to do is create a student account to join in.

Playing with watercolour crayons in my journal

Multiple layers of acrylic paint in black and blue and silver. I am having a hard time to draw and paint as freely as the instructor Robert Joyner but I am enjoying experimenting and using many of his techniques. 

He uses the liner brush and I used that for the tendrils of hair and really enjoyed using it. I will definitely use this brush more in the future. I will continue to push the envelope and to paint with more abandon, :)


Jan said...

I signed up for these workshops too, watched my first video yesterday but didn't do any work. Your horses look good, especially the one where you used the liner brush. Good job!

Marilyn Rock said...