Friday, 12 April 2013

Something is fishy

This little fishy was inspired by
Stephanie Schleicher art her web site is at
Check it out! Her stuff is so cool!

Making journals out of a sheet of watercolour paper for my Mermaid Circus Workshop

I am having a blast in the workshop and there is still 7 more weeks to go!


Anonova said...

Love the fishy!! The colours make me happy. :)

rivergardenstudio said...

Patti, I haven't meant to be away so long. Just look at all your new creations!! Beautiful and joyous work, I love to see how much fun you are having!

Marilyn Rock said...

Beautiful colors - love this!

Crystal Rose said...

What great texture! This just looks so fun to create and THEN you can create even more my writing in this journal. So fun!