Thursday, 2 May 2013

Ragamuffin Animules

I am taking an online workshop with Carla Sonheim
It is called Ragamuffin Scrap Animals and it is so easy and fun.
Here is my pony Wildfire. 

I made his legs so you could swivel them.

I have a ton of scraps from my mom that I was starting to wonder what I would ever do with them because many of them were so small and yet I saved them. Now I am so happy to have a pony made with the memories of mom. Below is the little quilt I used to make my pony.

Mr Owl has a lightbulb eye on the right so he must be bright ;)

Carla has a great approach to making these sweet critters that makes them so stress free. Her instructions are very clear, go with the flow and imperfections are not a problem, they are encouraged! Ya! my kind of fun. 

Here are more future raggamuffin Owls :)

 Next on the agenda is an elephant . . .


lizzie said...

You have certainly been busy. Carla's class looks like a lot of fun.

Anonova said...

I love your raven sketch, and the ragamuffin pony in your mom's fabrics is so sweet! Great stuff. :)