Monday, 16 September 2013

Lucky Me!

"life on the farm"

This is glimpses of our farm. All photos were taken within and hour on Sept 13th and then I used photoshop to create this collage. This is inspired by Steve Sonheim.  Steve is a professional photographer and the husband of Carla Sonheim one of my art heros. It is very exciting that Steve and Carla have a new book "Creative Photography Lab" and to help promote it Carla and Steve were having a give away of 6 copies of his new book and I won one! Wahoo. I splurged sometime ago and bought a really nice camera and tripod but haven't yet spent much time with it so this is perfect timing. As part of the promo Carla and Steve posted some fun assignments and that is what inspired me to get out and use my camera. To find out more info go here.

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