Monday, 11 November 2013

Gone Wild with the Gelli-plate

Kell and I had a glorious art date yesterday! We got the Gelli-plate out and played and played. I completely filled my 3.75x5.5 inch Moleskine with Gelli Prints using acrylic paint. All 80 pages!
Here are some of them.

This is my favourite.

This one make me think of the gemstone Rhodonite

Also used Ginko leaves and bubble wrap on this one.

Love the way the colours blend on the Gelli plate.

I used several journals not just the Moleskine. You can see the wire binding from my other journal.

I'll post some more pages soon. :)


Janet W. said...

Too delicious!

jw said...

First one is incredible; my fave too!

Yolanda said...

I love the textures so much. They are like paint peeling from 500 year old buildings in Europe.

JillGA said...

Love these! Never really thought about just slapping my Moleskin journals down on my Gelli. Great idea! Thanks for the juicy inspiration!

VictoriaG said...

Just beautiful! I'll have to pick up a blank journal (Moleskine)!

Patti said...

Thanks all for your lovely comments.

I love the peeling paint comment Yolanda.

Jill and Victoria if you have or get the small 6 inch Gelli you can slap it down on your journal!

Gelli play is soooooo fun!

Miek said...

Great , i hope i have a holiday soon so i get starding with the moleskine!
Like the one who looks like a landscape.