Sunday, 3 June 2007

Playing with Journals and backgrounds

I bought a new journal, 9 x 12 inches. This is a watercolour journal with a nice hard cover. I was looking for something nice to glue on the cover and then I thought, lets throw caution to the wind and draw and paint a face right on the cover. I used acrylics and added an escutcheon and key from Lee Valley. I can always glue something over top if I don't like it. So what do you think? I am not sure if it is finished yet. I may stamps some lettering over it or add a quote. . . Meet Monique.

This is the first page in my new leather journal I bought at Artfest. It is made by Keith and it also has watercolour pages in it which is awesome.

For a background to these pages I added ephemera and acrylic paint and a skeleton leaf.

This is my nature journal that I did a background for I covered only part of the page with acrylic paint and then went over it after it dried with walnut ink. Oooo that walnut ink is yummy!
Here it is a little closer so you can see how the walnut ink goes into all the valleys of the painted surface.

And this background is from the Monique journal, ready for what ever may come next.

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