Sunday, 13 April 2008

Thank you Kelly!

I won, I won! Kelly had a give away on her blog and I was the lucky recipient of this beautiful felted vase. It proudly sits on my desk in my art studio holding at the moment a big handful of big yellow daffs. I love it Kelly, thanks so much!!! I have been working away on my art studio and I am at the stage of the drywall is about to go up. I am so keen to move in to it!!!


Patti G. said...

Patti, I am dropping by to say hello! Hope things are going well there with you and Tim too!
Sending big hugs! I am waiting for spring to arrive and stay here! We have been having so much struggling with our weather! Your daffodils are gorgeous and congrats on winning the felted vase!

tina's space said...

Hey Patti!!
Nice to hear from you. Just imagine what you are going to do with the new artspace. I am so jealous. My space is small and I have been feeling cramped and envious after seeing some of the spaces in the special issue Studios by CPS. I hope you are well. How's your horse??
Take care and keep in touch.
That felted vase is gorgeous.