Sunday, 21 December 2008

Journaling and Snow

I have been using my Russian text book for sketching in. It is fun to just let her rip and doodle and play and then I cut out something if I like it and colour it and glue it in one of my journals. He is inspired by Nico on the Canadian dance show.
Keiko comes into my studio and sits in the chair opposite me and keeps my feet warm. Its been unusually snowy in Victoria, and has been sticking around longer than usual too. I miss riding my bike already. Its been a week since I have been able to ride it and its not looking good for next week either. :(

We have about a foot of snow now! My patio off my art studio is only being used by the birdies right now certainly not by me!
This is Tim's shot of the deer. They are tamer than ever with all the snow covering the green stuff. I am going to throw them some hay and see how hungry they really are, if they eat it, I'll know.


Anonova said...

I'm sorry you can't bike!! I can't help loving all this snow, though. ;)
I've been arting up a storm (no pun intended!) but haven't got a battery in the camera to take pictures.
I LOVE your Nico inspiration!
Also, please pass our admiration on to Tim for his shot of the deer. Fantastic!

Patti G. said...

Tim's picture is fantastic.......your art is wonderous as always and your foot warmer is darling! :)
Sending hugs to my Patti,

Jonna said...

Love the dude. And your coptic canvas journal is awesome. We've got quite a bit of snow also....I am so not a winter person.