Thursday, 22 January 2009

Crayon Play

I got this idea to make an image that looks like a rubbing of a Greek coin. I found an image in a magazine that gave me the idea and I went from there. I decided to use this spread that I already had a coat of black gesso that would make my crayon colours pop. When I applied the gesso I played around with different texturing ideas, bubble wrap, credit card. The right side is watercolour paper and the left is canvas.

This next spread was done some time ago but I thought I would share one of my favorite backgrounds using the watercolour crayons.

First a coat of black gesso and adding texture is fun. Then pick a colour palette out and just fly at her! :) Then lightly blend the crayons with a damp brush let dry and stamp words all over using a good quality gold stamp pad. You may want to seal it at this point but I didn't.


Anonova said...

Oh I love the Greek head! But I can see why the second one is a favourite... fantastic colours.

mergatroid said...

Wow, Lovely Pattio! The coin is awesome, what a cool idea, way to make crayons look so refined and mature... and I agree with Anonova on the second one, great colours!

mergatroid said...
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mergatroid said...

oh, and p.s. (hehe) do you ever get any sleep!? your post times are nearly always the wee hours -