Thursday, 15 January 2009

Dreaming of Spring

Green makes me think of springtime and all the plants bursting forth with new growth.
This is a photo of my Ginkgo tree that I sanded and rubbed with water soluble oil pastels.
I rubber stamped the Japanese poem.

This is called Horse Tails and they are growing at Beaver Lake where we go for Dog walks. I love how feathery and light they are. I have them growing in my yard too but not as robust as these ones at the lake. I am told that they are very unique to the Pacific NW and they are dinosaurs of the plant world.


Anonova said...

Ohhh, you suddenly made me really look to springtime!
I love the gingko piece. :)

mergatroid said...

I really love the look of the ginkgo! soft and green and delicious!

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

This is so beautiful, Pattio!!
chris p