Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Todays colour is Orange

Year of the Horse
I know it is really year of the Ox. And although I did the calligraphy I can't remember what this character means. I used "Quinacridone Burnt Orange" acrylic paint on the masking tape and sanded it and put some "Nickol Azo Gold" on after, the outer frame is walnut ink.


Deirdra Doan said...

I really like your journal pages....they are so rich and your people are beautiful!

Anonova said...

Love the horse, Patti! His nose is especially great... and the orange hues around the calligraphy are wonderful.

Chris said...

Pattio, This page is VERY coolio!
Love the effect of the paint on the masking tape. Great horse!

miz katie said...

wow! the horse is stunning!

Who are the Trailer Park Boys? :D I've never heard of them before.

Evidence of an Artistic Life said...

Gorgeous!!! I am loving the horse! Your love of horses always shine through when you include them in your art!
chris p

Tess said...

Wow, I had to look at this upclose. Youa re so very talented. The horse is awesome and the lefthand page is so rich looking. LOve it.