Saturday, 3 January 2009

Portraits, Java and Transfers

These are all pages in my Ancient Journal that I just recently assembled. It is very inspiring to work in a journal you make yourself. Bean is on canvas, Sunshine is a ink jet transfer of my mom using Golden's Soft Gel Medium on watercolour paper. The original photo was taken in 1945.

I added a soft glow of baby blue around the edges of the Wishing Recipe (written by Shirley Ende Saxe). The original post is just a little lower on my blog.

I am enjoying more and more drawing faces now. This one seems like someone I know. How strange. I think I am over worrying about what other people think of my interpretations. This gives me even more freedom to just fly ater! What a great feeling. :)


Anonova said...

What a nice face! Gabriella looks like someone fun to have over for coffee.

Jonna said...

Like where the coffee page what kind of canvas did you use for your canvas page journal? Is the canvas treated? Very intrigued by it.

Pattio said...

Hi Jonna,

Its just artist canvas that was bought untreated. I forget which weight it was, meduim to heavy I would say. I don't think I used gesso first. I just started painting using acrylics.
I only inserted a couple of pages of canvas most are watercolour paper.
Cheers Pattio