Tuesday, 6 January 2009


The page is not click-able in case your trying. Just going for intrigue. :) I had not thought of the click-able thing but its the first thing my husband tried to do. I was looking in my folder at things to post and I saw this spread. I was really disappointed at the time when the wind kept blowing my pages over and then click it happens right when I took the picture. Looking at it the second time with fresh eyes I see opportunity where earlier I saw disappointment. So now I have it saved so I can insert whatever text I want on the blank side. Funny how your perspective can change. No?
The left side is canvas and the right is watercolour paper. I found this beautiful illustration by Orson Lowell and it still had the tissue with the page. It had these extra spines in the back cover to advertise his other titles.
To post a journal page every day makes me realize that I don't work on just one page at a time. I like to work on doing a series of backgrounds with the same materials as you can do a lot quickly and spontaneously. I do my best stuff when I don't know what I am going to next, I just let it unfold. So for Misty's Great idea of a page a day I may post on how a group of pages are going so far. And I really want to try a self portrait. I have never done one. It's just never entered my mind. Hmmmm? should be interesting. So hang on and enjoy the ride. Yeehaw!


Anonova said...

How neat, letting the wind add to your art! I love that.

I also love the painted canvas beside the book illustration... somehow the word "architectural" comes to mind seeing those two particular pages side-by-side.

misty Mawn said...

i so much wish that i could work on several pages at a time, but whenever i try it i never go back and finish them.... maybe it's time to set a goal of doing that!
your pages are wonderfully rich and make me wish i could see them in person.
thank you so much for joining in, Patti!